About this Website

Ruhrpott is a proof-of-concept website built to demonstrate the use of structured content in a static website created with the Metalsmith Static Site Generator. The Sanity content management system is a perfect match to achieve this objective.

I did not want to use greek text and boring images, so I turned to the place of my youth for inspiration, the Ruhrpott. The photos and text tell little stories about where I grew up, and the website structure and design methodology are all about Metalsmith, Sanity, and structured content.

Most images used on this website are by Daniel Mennerich, who makes his art available on Flickr under a Creative Commons license.

The website is meant for devs who like to explore Metalsmith in general and a Sanity integration in particular. The website source code and the Sanity studio schemas can be found on GitHub.

Website in bullets:

The blog section of this website includes several posts that provide an overview of essential implementation details. I used hero's of mine, for placeholder authors. They did not write the blogposts, they are all dead... just saying in case that wasn't clear.